"Origins" is a hymn to the universe.
With its symbols and geometric shapes reminding the earth, the sky
and humanity, "Origins" established a cosmic link between
individuals and their singularity.
A paradoxical atmosphere of wisdom and rebellion reigns
in the spirit of each pieces which releases a pure and refined energy.

The collection points the three origins representing the universal symbiosis where humans (△) connect the sky (◯) to the earth (▢).

Discover their main significations :

The Singula Magnicity Square

 Incarnates Earth

 Symbolizes power, stability and justice

 Represents the alliance of man and nature

▢ Corresponds to spontaneous and honest people

"It's all about being in its natural habitat in symbiosis with life and being part of a whole"


The Singula Infinity Circle

 Incarnates sky

◯ Symbolizes the space and the infinite

 Represents the divine and the perfection of nature

 Corresponds to creative people

"It's the circular movement that rules the flow of creation. We are all part of this infinite cycle"


The Singula Humanity Triangle

△ Incarnates life

△ Symbolizes harmony and unity

△ Represents the origin of humanity and the opposing forces of sexes

△ Corresponds to passionate people

"We are these forces so opposed and yet that perfectly merge"