Seymen Ciner, of Turkish and French origin, grew up in a creative world spending a large part of his childhood with his grandmother on the island of Gorée in Senegal. In her colonial era home, African arts, fabrics, antique beads and necklaces that come from all over the world mix. His grandmother Marie José Crespin, jewelry designer, would transmit him the love for creation and fine arts. In Turkey, he spent precious moments of his childhood in an old troglodyte house in Cappadocia. This oriental experience will nourish his inspiration by bringing him closer to a culture rich in textiles. Settled in Paris, he dared in 2014, to mix his different influences in the artisanal creation of a collection of jewelry and clothing. The fusion between jewelry and clothing will appear to him as an obvious idyll.

Grégory Cluydts, of Belgian origin, was born from an entrepreneur father and a mother creator of ceramic mosaics. Spending his entire childhood on the coast of Senegal, the proximity with the ocean and the wild landscapes nourished his taste for adventure and sensitized him to the importance of environmental preservation. It is during his upbringing on the West Coast of Africa that he met Seymen where they weaved a strong bond of friendship. In 2012, Grégory left West Africa for Brussels to pursue business studies, which will trigger his entrepreneurial spirit. Heir to a sense of leadership and an artistic sensitivity, Seymen's creations inspired him, and he decided to put his management skills to the development of a project: Singula. We are in 2018 and the duo put their ideas together to set what will mark the beginning of an adventure.